Was it a Miracle or Something Else...

Was it a Miracle or Something Else...

I would like to share with you my cancer journey which began on February 13, 2017. I was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, Gleason score 9 and it had metastasized to my bones.

Well, here I am four years and eight months later and I'm still standing.

So here's the miracle, I had another bone scan on September 22, 2021 and guess what? There were no signs of any cancer in my bones. That was great news for both my wife and myself. The doctor was surprised and couldn't explain what happened.

Let's go back to late July, 2021 I heard a story about a man called Joe Tippens who had cancer and was given just a few months to live. Now something amazing happened, he heard about a researcher who was injecting cancer cells into mice for cancer research. It turns out that the mice got worms, so the gentleman named Joe Tippens heard about this and decided he too would start taking Fenbendazole to cure his cancer. Joe religiously started taking Fenbendazole for three days on and four days off. He did this for three months and then went to his doctor for a checkup.

At this point you're probably ahead of me, the doctor could find no signs of cancer in Joe’s body and could not explain what had happened. Not only was it a shock to the doctor but also to Joe who was just given just a few months to live earlier. Now he was cancer free thanks to Fenbendazole.

When I went to visit my doctor who knew I was taking Fenbendazole he came into the room and sarcastically asked are you barking yet? Needless to say, I smiled and ignored his remark. When he pulled up my bone scan there were no signs of any metastasized bone cancer which had shown up 2 years earlier. Needless to say he was speechless.

One of the problems we have with modern medicine especially cancer medicine is that it always gets more and more expensive. Could Fenbendazole be the answer for cancer? The reality is there is no money in Fenbendazole for big Pharma or doctors. You see the Fenbendazole’s patent has run out so anybody can manufacture it. I think it cost me around $70 for a three month supply.

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Till next time, stay well, stay strong and remember that the best is yet to come.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I’m not offering medical advice. I’m simply sharing with you my own experiences and my positive journey with cancer.

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