Our Mission

The Mission of Just-Believe.org, a Maine non-profit 501c3, is to provide healthy and highly effective oral hygiene products to the marketplace and donate all the profits to cancer charities. Our products are made with pure ingredients and will make a positive impact on the lives of those who purchase them and those whose lives are touched by the donated profits.

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A Message from Adam, our Founder

The Believe Story

  • So Pleased

    "I have been trying the Believe Mint All Natural toothpaste, and am immensely impressed! I don't think I have found a toothpaste previously that makes my mouth feel so clean. I have sensitivity issues as well, and this toothpaste has given no troubles. I think it tremendously matters both what we eat, and what products like toothpaste we use for our health. It is also very meaningful to me that this is sold to help in an important cause." - Lyn

  • Makes My Mouth Feel So Clean!!

    "I've been in the all-natural/holistic health world for a number of years and have tried a bunch of various fluoride-free "all-natural" toothpastes... A lot of them often have weird textures, tastes, or don't even make my breath smell good haha. This Believe Mint toothpaste is seriously a game changer. It's one of the few toothpaste brands that I completely trust, with ingredients I can pronounce, that supports a fantastic cause, and that actually makes my mouth feel so clean after use. I will be a Believer for life!" - Jacob

  • Made in America!! 🇺🇸 🎉

    "I have been using to believe mouthwash for about a month now and I have to say it really works well. This solved my dry mouth problem and makes my breath and mouth feel alive. I highly recommend the believe mouthwash and give it five stars. Tony aka me There are three things I like about this mouthwash. 1. It's all natural and makes you mouth feel wonderfully refreshed after using it. 2. It's made in America🇺🇸! 3. 100% of the profits go to help Cancer Charities. As an American I am proud to use believe products. Keep up the good work." - John H.

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