Why Cancer Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Why Cancer Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Yes, I know that is not the usual response from most folks who have been diagnosed with cancer. But in my case, it's true.

Here's why.

It all started when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on February 13th, 2017. It was stage IV and had metastasized. Not the kind of news you want to receive just five days before your 28th wedding anniversary.

After the initial kick in the gut, I asked the doctor – "so, how long do I have?" He answered matter-of-factly, "well, if you do nothing, maybe one or two years." With that, I said, "I'm going to make you the most famous doctor in America." He asked me how I was going to do that. I answered, "because I am going to live" – he replied with, "if you do that, you'll be the most famous patient in
America" – to which I answered, "I can live with that."

According to the CDC, cancer was the second leading cause of death in the United States in 2019. According to the American Cancer Society, Cancer Statistics Center, there will be an estimated 1,898,160 Americans diagnosed in 2021, and roughly one-third of those diagnosed will die. To put that in perspective, that is one death every single minute of each day! Cancer does not discriminate, and I'm sure you know someone, maybe a family member, a friend, or a child who has been diagnosed with this awful disease.

No one wants or chooses to be diagnosed with cancer. But in my case, cancer gave me the courage for a revolutionary new idea to help cancer charities here in the United States.

As I have gotten older, I finally realized I have two hands. One is for helping myself, and the other for helping others.

With that idea in mind, I created a 501c3 non-profit and named it Just- Believe.org. With the help of a couple of close friends, we started a unique oral hygiene company.

Here's why we are so unique.

We are the only oral hygiene company in the world that is donating 100% of the profit generated from sales to cancer charities. Yes, you have read this correctly, 100%. We named the company Believe Oral Care, and our primary goal is to BRUSH AWAY CANCER!

We see zero benefits in brushing our teeth and making big corporations richer. Why use their products when you can use our all-natural "patented black seed oil and zinc" no harsh chemical products and do a positive thing to help others with cancer in America? We couldn't come up with a good reason either.

What's holding you back? Join our revolution, and together we can change cancer's direction. I invite you to join us and start brushing away cancer today with Believe Oral Care.

Together we can help defeat cancer.

Like I said at the beginning of my story, cancer is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

Now you know why.

Brush Away Cancer Today

Thanks for reading.

Adam Hewison
CFO and Founder Just-Believe.org
a 501c3 non-profit based in Maine

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